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Welcome to Horizon's Edge!

A lone bartender wipes down the counter, and as you enter he looks up and smiles. "Welcome to Horizon's Edge. They say this is where all the stories of the galaxy come to be told. Well if that's true, why don't you have a seat and tell me yours? First drink's always free."

Horizon's Edge is a LGBTQ+ safe hybrid roleplaying and raiding guild on the Bergeren Colony-US server in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are friendly players with good attitudes who aim for fostering a welcoming community.

We are the storytellers. We take what Bioware has given us and in turn give those characters we create lives beyond the game storylines. If that sounds like fun to you, we'd love for you to join in!

We don't plan on having an overarching theme that everyone must try to squeeze their characters into - instead we plan on a weaving and interweaving of different stories. While many roleplaying guilds want to draw a straight line toward a guild goal, we want to weave a tapestry that mirrors the very galaxy this game is set in. 

We also are looking to have a weekly progression raid group running, along with more casual and fun raids for those who like to see content without the pressure.

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Guild TFB Photo!

by Rowa An'Fae, 341 days ago

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Raid Night Shenanigans

by , 364 days ago

First guild raid night! (In years at least.) Game bugs ensured much hilarity, along with our members just generally being awesome people. For the record: The platforms in Soa cease to exist right now, and it's a pretty freaky feeling. 


"Just follow the dead bodies! We're showing the way down! We can see the platforms now that they've fallen! Follow the dead bodies!"

Seconds later, watched the alive sail past the already dead.

Eventually Mish figured out the rather "exact" spacing of the platforms to get us down, despite that still cause fall damage even though they're not there xD

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